ISBNコード 9781400031559

The White Lioness /VINTAGE/Henning Mankell


商品イメージ ISBN 9781400031559 The White Lioness /VINTAGE/Henning Mankell 本・雑誌・コミック 画像


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コード番号 9781400031559
コードタイプ ISBN
商品名 The White Lioness /VINTAGE/Henning Mankell
発売日 2003年
商品ジャンル 本・雑誌・コミック > 洋書 > FICTION & LITERATURE
コメント Third in the Kurt Wallander series. \nThe execution-style murder of a Swedish housewife looks like a simple case even though there is no obvious suspect. But then Wallander learns of a determined stalker, and soon enough, the cops catch up with him. But when his alibi turns out to be airtight, they realize that what seemed a simple crime of passion is actually far more complex--and dangerous. The search for the truth behind the killing eventually uncovers an assassination plot, and Wallander soon finds himself in a tangle with both the secret police and a ruthless foreign agent. Combining compelling insights into the sinister side of modern life with a riveting tale of international intrigue, The White Lioness keeps you on the knife-edge of suspense.


著者名 Henning Mankell
出版年度 2003
シリーズ名 Kurt Wallander
言語情報 ENG
ページ数情報 448
フォーマット代表(名称) Paperback